The Rezort Movie 2015 Scene Tourist holding a machine gun and waiting for zombies to pop out while the rest of the group is waiting by the jeep

The Rezort [2015]

If you like exotic islands and zombies, The Rezort is a perfect movie for you. It’s one of those B zombie movies that slipped under the radar because there are just so many other, similar movies. It features solid production values meaning it looks really fucking good. The zombie makeup was excellent and the CGI was quite believable. After a zombie outbreak that was contained, people can now sign up to shoot the poor suckers on a deserted island. So, just think of The Rezort as Jurassic Park but with zombies instead of dinosaurs.

I mean, the concept ain’t bad and they’ve expanded on it with some cool twists that I really liked. The main story is as predictable as they come but at least there will be a solid amount of action. And since the story takes place on this beautiful island, you will also have something nice to look at. The Rezort was shot on the Palma de Mallorca, the largest city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. Just in case you want to check out that place for yourself although I think it’s quite pricy for us commoners.

Most of the characters were generic with a couple of refreshing exceptions. I just loved the two gamers who won a video game contest and as a reward got to shoot some zombies. And since they’re on an island, I can’t help mentioning the video game Dead Island. It’s really juicy and was way ahead of its time back in 2011. When it comes to the cast, I’m sure you’re going to recognize Dougray Scott who has a knack for picking solid B horror movies. Perfect CreatureLast Passenger, and Sea Fever were all watchable and authentic. 

Two billion people lost their lives during the zombie outbreak that’s now under control. It’s been ten years since these horrific events and the only place on Earth you can find zombies now is The Rezort. This special facility is located on a remote island to prevent any accidents. People can book a tour, a so-called Zombie Safari to shoot and kill zombies like in an amusement park. We hook up with the latest tour eager to waste some undead. What they don’t know is that this tour is about to turn into a nightmare.

The director of The Rezort is Steve Barker, a guy behind another, much better zombie movie Outpost. He got the pacing just right and trimmed the footage to a very acceptable 85 minutes. The overall vibe reminded me of Dead Rising: Watchtower although this is a bit more serious affair. I just wish that the dialogues were better and guns more outrageous. I mean, if you’re not shooting grenade launchers at these zombies, what are you doing? 

Additionally, Dougray seems to be carrying some sort of scoped sniper rifle that he uses in a weird way. However, all of this shouldn’t prevent you from checking out the movie. Yes, it’s not the best zombie movie in the world but it will do just fine. The exotic setting, fast pacing, and solid action make it a perfect warmup movie.

Director: Steve Barker

Writer: Paul Gerstenberger

Cast: Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Martin McCann, Claire Goose, Jassa Ahluwalia, Dave Wong

Fun Facts: The island shown at the start as the map for the location of The Rezort is Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.


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