The Thaw [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The Thaw [2009]

With a strong message about environment and global warming, The Thaw is in the gray area about the whole thing. the thawDid they want to bring attention to the problem or portray environmentalists as nuts? Nevertheless, it is not that big a deal, but if they wanted to make a proper movie they should have thought this through. There is a lot of suspense, and for the most part of it this movie can be classified as a thriller but there are some horror elements also. If you like this premise, but you would like to see better bugs and more gore, check out the following movies: SlitherGrowthSplinter and Blood Glacier.

The Thaw uses the same premise as The Thing as far as polar stations and infection goes, but it takes a different, more familiar route.  Mixing romance and global warming issues with the horror parts, it still manages to be interesting, although some of the reactions of the characters are unbelievable and totally unrealistic, like in the scene with hand chopping or some others. It had a decent budget so the effects and other visuals are done professionally, casting was okay, although I think that Val was not for the role of global warming extremist. Dr. David Kruipen is studying global warming in his remote station in the Arctic, there he will be joined by his students in an effort to understand how it effects polar bears. But, they will uncover an ancient threat that will jeopardize entire humanity. Enjoy.

Director: Mark A. Lewis

Cast: Val Kilmer, Alexandra Staseson, William B. Davis, Anne Marie DeLuise, Kyle Schmid

Fun Facts: Since the film is shot near the Esket Reserve in Western Canada, many people of the First Nation were also involved, including Chief Charlene Belleau who blessed the production.


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