This country horror comedy announced a swarm of exploitation movies, with rednecks getting themselves in all kinds of weird situations (vampires, and all the monsters you can think of). Tremors follows two losers Val and Earl that do just about anything in a small town trying to survive. Their dream is to go to the bigger town Bixby and try their luck there, but something is about to prevent them from leaving. A strange underground creature, called Graboid will start to kill everything that it is in its path. Survivors gather on the roof of the local convenient store thinking on ways how to outsmart the creature.

Special effects are pretty old school, without CGI or anything similar, just good old eighties effects that look pretty funny by today’s standards but are still cute in some way. The chemistry between Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward is just amazing and it’s a shame that they did not reunite them in the sequels. Cleverly using age-old clash between Average Joe and unknown force, something that gets in the way of making your wishes reality or just surviving. That unknown force is actually fear of change, for most of the people, fear that when that change comes you will be outdated and unable to make a living. Tremors counters this with their desire to go to the next town, they are actually well aware that their life is getting worse and worse and the change is already happening. However, they have not lost faith in themselves. They are saying we are human and we are willing to fight, just show us what. Instead of capitalism they got Graboids. Shucks, at least we will be prepared when the real thing starts. Enjoy.

Director: Ron Underwood

Cast: Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Michael Gross, Reba McEntire, Robert Jayne

Fun Stuff: S.S. Wilson said that he got the idea for the film while he was working for the US Navy in the California desert. While resting on a rock, he imagined what it might be like if something underground kept him from getting off the rock.


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