Here`s a bit older movie (well not that old…), but with a good story and nice acting. Directed by Gregory Jacobs and with some big players involved (George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh) it starts out pretty lame, but I guess that was the intention of the writer and director. It’s really nice to see this type of movie in the sea of the mediocrity and straight-out plots that you can figure out instantly. Wind Chill is more of a mystery and thinking movie, with an eerie atmosphere, but let’s not go too far and say that it’s perfect. It definitely has its flaws. The acting was good, and I could sympathize with the characters and their ordeals, and since there are two main characters this is important.

As I mentioned movie starts out pretty lame, with a nerdy and pretty creepy college student teaming up with a hot girl for a shared ride home. As the movie started I thought to myself come on, is it that stupid? However, as it developed, it started getting more and more interesting and exciting. As they were driving in the snowy, dark and godforsaken road, they had an accident. With no cell reception, and a gas station pretty far away they now must think how to survive till the morning. Which will be a hell of a more difficult task, when the apparitions of some strange people start appearing… The atmosphere was chilling, both for the snow and the ghosts. Although it seems like a pretty clear plot, the movie offers the viewer an opportunity to guess what has happened and what will, who are the ghosts… This is a major plus for the movie, so it is definitely recommended, enjoy.

Director: Gregory Jacobs

Cast: Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes, Martin Donovan, Ned Bellamy, Ian A. Wallace

Fun Facts: The college scenes in the film were shot at the University of British Columbia near Vancouver


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