The Book of Eli [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

The Book of Eli [2010]

I was so disappointed after the movie was finished… And that feeling was enhanced by that awesome first part of the movie. Bleak, post-apocalyptic world, where there is no religion and every man fights for himself. Ahh the memories of days in front of Fallout are starting to come back, but then a total destruction of the story and the characters… It feels like when someone barges into your room just about the time you’re about to cum after a long and hard masturbation… The religious mumbo jumbo and the involvement of that cute female character is something that didn’t ruin the movie, but it damaged it significantly. The combination of gritty western vibe and post-apocalyptic extravaganza set the stage for what should be an epic story. Especially because the directors were Hughes brothers who made the iconic Menace 2 Society after which dabbling in horror with From Hell.

The visual effects and the action sequences were phenomenal and Denzel was a right choice for the role of Eli, but the story is plain old religious propaganda. The visuals along with a really good pacing covered up the lack of reasoning and futility of the main story. Glimpses of hope can be heard in Gary Oldman’s opinion about the bible, but this is not enough. So we have Eli, a post-apocalyptic survivor on mission to carry the good book to the San Francico, for some reason. On this journey he will make a quick stop in a town ruled by a ruthless criminal Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who is also seeking the good book. And there is also a sexy female willing to hang out with Eli. That’s about it in this post-apocalyptic western… I still cannot recover from a shock I just suffered, I know it’s only a movie… But a lame one…

Directors: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Cast: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals, Tom Waits

Fun Stuff: Denzel Washington performed all of his own stunts in the hand-to-hand fight sequences, he studied martial arts under Bruce Lee’s protégé Dan Inosanto.

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