Total Recall [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Total Recall [2012]

This is really getting old, they release a remake of an already perfect movie from 80/90-ties and then I start trashing it. Dear lord was this a mistake, I bet that poor Philip K. Dick is rolling in his grave or laughing at this whole mess from some other dimension. They followed the same formula with Total Recall as they did with any other blockbuster remake released in a last few years: take a couple of good actors, a shitload of awesome effects, and add a really dumb story just to spice things up. Talk about style over context… First of all, I must admit three things: special effects were great, directing was good and finally leads were also good. The rest is pathetic, the plot, character development, toying with the original movie… But the thing that annoyed me the most was the gaping hole in the script with the famous “Fall”. The “Fall” is like a giant elevator that connects two separate countries, owner country and slave country. Now the owner country decides to invade the slave country and their only way in is the Fall, and slaves just run in panic, never attempting to do what Mr. Quaid eventually did and blow up the other fucking side of the elevator. It’s like there are wild animals in your cellar and you just leave the door open and run the fuck out.

The other thing that also annoyed me is the fact that the story is this time set on Earth. Where the fuck is Mars in this picture (well I guess where it has always been :P)? I remember watching the original as a kid and being fascinated with the whole setting and the vibe of an alien planet populated by all kinds of beings, but here we are in a post apocalyptic earth, a theme so frequently used lately that a boy and his dog are also rolling around…  The movie became a new age indictment of the society and world order, also very popular nowadays.

So many hours spent making the set, designing the exterior and interior and just imagining the daily futuristic life all to be ruined with this awful script… They could have easily named this abomination The Fall or something else and just released it without dragging Total Recall through mud, but I guess when money talks everything becomes secondary…

In the conclusion, of course, check out the movie when it comes out, but know that you will be disappointed so do not take it too seriously, and of course avoid going to the cinema for this occasion…

Director: Len Wiseman

Cast: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy

Fun Facts: The first film that married couple Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale have worked on together that isn’t Underworld related. — Yeah, she looked nothing like in Underworld, NOOOOT!

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