Badges of Fury [2013] Movie Jet Li and Zhang Wen as detectives in the building listening to a briefing

Badges of Fury [2013]

Badges of Fury, right from the start you know what are you getting yourself involved in. However everything you thought you would get in, isn’t even close to the mess that this movie is. Pure fucking unbridled Chinese/Hong-Kong martial arts extravaganza made with decent amounts of money. Come, weary traveler, come step right up and see totally incoherent, easily distracted but insanely entertaining (sometimes boring too) vision complete with funny sound effects after gags.

This warped vision of American sitcoms from the fifties and sixties just keeps giving and giving. Insane stunts with wires, “funny” dialogue, and cute girls are just some of the things that you will see. I wouldn’t even start watching it if there wasn’t for Jet Lee. He personally called me and said bro watch this movie, it’s bonkers. Unfortunately, his skill is overshadowed by the overuse of wires and absolutely no sense of reality.

Badges of Fury 2013 Poster

I figured out, after consulting the Oxford dictionary, Tarot cards, and chicken entrails, that there are three detectives who are on a trail of a vicious killer. There’s also some deadly/superhero chick with a bow and arrows and her well-endowed sister, lets call her Tittella. All of them keep breaking into apartments and fighting with people, with a crew of moviemakers randomly appearing and giving false hope that they are making some kind of mockumentary…

Also, Badges of Fury is a rewarding movie that can take much punishment. I went to the bathroom, fixed myself a sandwich, and rolled a good night joint without missing anything important. Besides being one of those movies that you will make you laugh, Badges of Fury has one more important feature to present. It’s a window into Asian cinematography and culture, and I can say that the differences are huge.

But it’s truly riveting to watch slapstick gags that I bet are making Chinese viewers fall to the floor with laughter and to try to figure out how that happened and what influenced them in that way. This could be a cultural journey for you and your friends. But, also be wary because maybe you might find this movie just stupid and horrendous. So, it would be best to check out the trailer or at least play it for 15 minutes, if you don’t like it, skip it…

Director: Tsz Ming Wong

Writer:  Tan Cheung

Cast: Jet Li, Zhang Wen, Shishi Liu, Michelle Chen, Yan Liu, Aaron Shang, Liang Tian, Xiaoming Huang, Stephen Fung

Fun Facts: An accident occurred while filming a chase scene at Water Treatment Works where a prop car lost control. The car flipped over causing serious injuries to nine people.

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