Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter [2001]

I mean how to start this review seriously when the name of the movie is Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter,Jesus Christ Vampire I mean come on! The tag-line says is all: ” The first testament says “an eye for an eye.” – The second testament says “love thy neighbor.” – The third testament … Kicks Ass!!!” So you got another Troma movie, so you can expect low budget, over-the-top acting and effects, but more importantly a hell lot of fun. And if you’re thinking that the title of this movie is too crazy, just remember eleven years after its release another movie with a similar title hit the theaters: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Funny, creative, honest but above dedicated movie that knows what it’s doing and is doing it well. You can feel the desire of everyone involved to make this movie the best it could possibly be. If you’re unfamiliar with this genre, you might find the movie amateurish or you’ll get a feeling that you could have made a better movie with your friends. The answer is simple, if you think you could, do it man.

Jesus came back to earth to kill off an insurgency of a new kind of vampires, dare I say it, lesbian vampires! Along this difficult task he will get help from all kinds of funny characters. So gather your buddies, buy some beer and prepare yourself for the second coming… The Power of Christ impales you! Jesus Christ Vampire Killer is a true B movie and this is very important since people figured out that true B movies are popular and they are trying to fake them. One of the best examples is hugely popular Sharknado, produced by the infamous The Asylum. Spewing out movies like they are some shoes or desks, The Asylum made a decent profit.

Director: Lee Demarbre

Cast: Phil Caracas, Murielle Varhelyi, Maria Moulton, Tim Devries, Ian Driscoll, Josh Grace

Fun Facts: The film was shot on weekends during a two year period.

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