TC 2000 Movie Scene Bolo Yeung as Master Sumai focusing his energy

TC 2000 [1993]

There were many reasons why I decided to check out TC 2000, a martial arts movie with a post-apocalyptic setting. However, I must admit that the prevailing one was the poster featuring a black guy wearing suspenders over his muscular and nude torso. And he’s holding a gun. The guy in question is Billy Blanks, star of many similar B movies. And while I didn’t know who he was I sure as shit knew who Bolo Yeung and Matthias Hues were. What this meant is that there will be a lot of fighting and action.

It’s strange to think that in the future people resolve their differences with hand-to-hand combat but what do I know. After all, it’s the future. What will become painfully apparent right from the start is that TC 2000 is one of those movies so bad that they are good. Although I would also classify it as a guilty pleasure with strong nostalgia value. Especially for those of us who were subjected to countless similar movies all throughout the nineties. Each scene of this movie offers a lot of funny and intriguing details to comment on and this is one of the main reasons why you should see it.

For example, we begin with an attack on two Tracker-Communicators. And while two bad guys are fighting them, two other bad guys rappel down a building to gain a tactical advantage. Although they could’ve just popped up from the darkness we all know we needed some cool stunts for this scene. The dialogue is just as bad as you would imagine it to be. The same goes for the main, incredibly predictable, story. But hey, at least we get a fight every ten minutes. It would seem that everybody knows how to fight in the future. And I just love the sounds they’re making, hawww chaaa!

So, be prepared for some burly and muscular guys flexing their ripped bodies almost non-stop. Since there’s no nudity, I guess this will have to do. I have to wonder, do women watch these movies in the same way guys watch those erotic thrillers? If you have some thoughts on this subject please do write a comment below. I also have to mention beautiful and deadly Bobbie Phillips as Zoey Kinsella. With her looks, acting talent, and fighting skills, I wonder how come she didn’t become more popular.

TC 2000 uses a lot of classic science fiction movies as inspiration. Terminator, RoboCop, and Mad Max seem to be the strongest influences although we also have strong Cyborg and Demolition Man vibes. If you want to know more about that work of art do check out our Rabbit Reviews blogpost Cyborg [1989] – A Detailed Look Into B Movie Gold. If you’re looking for similar movies, do check out I Come in Peace. Dark Angel, as it’s also known, also stars another martial arts legend, Dolph Lundgren. 

The post-apocalyptic environment is charmingly cheap and unconvincing but it certainly fits the overall atmosphere of the movie. In the same, above-mentioned, opening scene we see our dynamic duo sporting what looks like to be welding masks instead of high-tech helmets. However, they sure look futuristic. I don’t want to reveal too much as spotting these hilarious details and crazy plot twists is half the fun. Although some of them are not so hard to spot. Let’s just say that there’s a gang called Picassos and I’ll leave it at that.

TC 2000 is a fast-paced and action-packed movie offering loads of fun. And make sure you stick ’till the end because we will get one hell of the credits. Finally, I just have to add that all of our four leads looked incredible in this movie. Billy Blanks is a beast along with Matthias Hues but they don’t even come close to Bolo Yeung who was fucking 47 years old! The man is a fucking unit and he gives this movie a special appeal. And since this is an early nineties martial arts movie you can expect a lot of mullets and nunchucks.

Director: T.J. Scott

Writers: J. Stephen Maunder, Richard M. Samuels, T.J. Scott

Cast: Billy Blanks, Bolo Yeung, Bobbie Phillips, Matthias Hues, Harry Mok, Alex Appel, Doug Lennox

Fun Facts: Billy Blanks was working on Blood Sport in 1988 as a consultant when he first approached Bolo Yeung to appear in TC 2000.

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