Troll 2 [1990] Movie Review Recommendation

Troll 2 [1990]

Are you ready for it? The worst and the most hilarious movie that has ever existed is here (or has been here for 21 years), Troll 2. Following the success of Troll that was as almost hilarious as its successor, this movie has it all: bad acting, god awful script, terrible effects and goblins. Yes, although the movie is called Troll 2, the creatures are goblins, although you could not guess that from their burlap sacks and hilarious masks. There are so many plot holes and dumb lines that this movie is almost unbelievable. It is featured in the documentary Best Worst Movie, so if you liked Troll 2, check it out. You must be under influence while watching this movie, it is obligatory, so gather a bunch of friends, get some beer or weed and prepare to be amazed…

A normal family living in Salt Lake City decides to trade place with a similar family living in Nilbog to experience the country life. Joshua is their youngest member and he is seeing his dead grandfather who is warning him about goblins that are very evil and prepared to do anything in order to turn you into a vegetable and eat you. Upon the arrival in the Nilbog Joshua will start to realize that there is something very wrong with its residents and he will do almost anything to save his family. I deliberately will not make any kind of jokes or discover the funny parts because this is the charm of this flick, enjoy…

Director: Claudio Fragasso

Cast: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie Young, Jason Wright, Darren Ewing

Fun Facts: The entire cast had showed up to a casting call for the film hoping to be extras, and ended up getting the lead roles.

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