This forgotten blast from the past you must not miss. It served as an inspiration for the developers of the Fallout video games, and if you played them it will be that much better for you. I just love that post apocalyptic vibe, everything destroyed and the few groups of survivors fighting for what is left gathering all kinds of junk to survive. A huge reset button that makes everything okay. These days they are very popular, but in the seventies they were the king. Fueled by cold war and other global threats, the genre exploded with the release of Mad Max in 1979. Followed by a throng of American and Italian copies, in the nineties it seemed that it belongs to the past, but The Road kick started it once more. Based on writings of Harlan Ellison, A Boy and His Dog is a very strange movie. It features a mixture of drama, comedy and horror, set in a world totally different from ours. Another thing worth noticing is the reimaging of the society that’s depicted here. Shot by a band of ragtag outlaws, there’s a lot of exploitation and provocative scenes that you might find strange because they were pushing the boundaries.

Based on a book, this movie is brutally honest as we follow Vic (Don Johnson) and his dog Blood. They can telepathically communicate with each other and Blood will try to help Vic to get some female company since he is horny as a a three balled tomcat. Although the movie loses its pace around the middle and starts to get a little boring towards the end, the magnificent finale makes up for that. Enjoy.

Director: L.Q. Jones

Cast: Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards, Tim McIntire, Alvy Moore

Fun Stuff: Throughout the movie, Vic carries a civilian model Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle and a Webley Break-Top Revolver. Both weapons were designed over 100 years ago, and both were made and widely used in Europe.


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