Based on an Isaac Asimov short story “The Bicentennial Man”, Bicentenial manthis movie is two hours long. You may feel that is a bit unnecessary, but I guess that the director wanted to show some things take a very long time. Speaking of Mr. Columbus, he never really decided what this movie is, making a little bit of everything. This threatened to create an incoherent mess, but the main story was so well written that it saved the movie. Robots who become self-aware are all the rave now, but if you look at the history of cinema, you will find countless movies dealing with the same subject, starting with Metropolis from 1927. What makes this movie different is its story, written by one of the best science fiction writers (one of the big three). So this is a story of an android, called Andrew, that managed to develop emotions and interests due to an error and his quest to become more human. In this quest his family will play an important role.

A very touching and heartwarming movie, with great performances from all the actors and especially Robin Williams who nailed a very difficult role. He still uses some of his comedic abilities, but his emotionless face was just perfect. Bicentennial Man is really good, and I like that they did not try to make a sad movie that will be a kiss-ass to general audience but a movie that possesses genuine quality. It works on many levels, examining our existence and purpose of living. This left it with a somewhat uneven pace, but what can you do. Also, you just can’t run away from emotion pandering so we’ll have to endure some rather sappy scenes.

Director: Chris Columbus

Cast: Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz, Sam Neill, Oliver Platt, Kiersten Warren, Wendy Crewson

Fun Facts: The futuristic headquarters of “NorthAm Robotics” are actually the headquarters of Oracle Corporation, in Redwood Shores, CA.


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