Cargo 2009 Movie Anna Katharina Schwabroh looking through the window as meteors hit Earth

Cargo [2009]

Cargo is a science fiction movie that is one step from perfection, but it shows that even that one step can fucking kill you. Everything was done very well, the atmosphere, the special effects, and the whole vibe of the spaceship. You would think it is the acting that is bad, but that’s okay too. I think it’s the script, the actual script that’s causing all the problems because the general story is a relatively standard-issue, but in the process of combining these elements something went wrong.

There are many ridiculous situations, like the one where the medical officer complains to the police officer aboard about her troubles and fears that are life-threatening and he responds to that with a kiss and a fuck. Come on, it’s like watching Dracula 3000 or some other bad movie.

If you’re able to glance past these things, Cargo can be a pretty engaging experience. The atmosphere is really mysterious and foreboding and further enhanced by the cramped environment. One of the things that they nailed is the sense of scale. The scenes where they are walking towards huge storage containers feel imposing and impressive. The CGI is also pretty good for a $5 million budget especially the shots outside the space station.

It is the year of our lord Satan 2267 and the Earth has been hollowed dry in humanity’s endless search for resources. Most of the people now live in space stations that are slowly beginning to fall apart because of overcrowding. Que Kassandra, a spaceship with several people in a cryostasis on-board, heading for station 42. They are a merchant vessel and their cargo should not be anything more than some useless stuff, but we will find out that is not so…

To make things perfectly clear, Cargo is not an Alien clone. It features a fully-fleshed out world and characters which makes it really immersive. I mean, I know I’m a sucker for all science fiction movies set on a space station or spaceship, but I think some of you are too. There’s something so serene and peaceful about them. You are transported to a different world, not necessarily better, just a different world. A world where you can be something else and be somewhere else. And if that’s not a definition of a perfect science fiction escapism, I don’t know what is.

Again I have to implore you to check out the original and not the dubbed version of the movie. And if you’re looking to continue with movies like Cargo check out Pandorum, Sunshine, Space Truckers and Prospect.

Directors: Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter

Cast: Martin Rapold, Michael Finger, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Yangzom Brauen, Maria Boettner

Fun Stuff: As Dr. Portmann leaves the examination room after tending to Decker’s head wound, a THC molecule is clearly seen on a computer screen in the background. Below this is a structure of amphetamine.


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