First off, this is not a Manga cartoon. dead space downfallThe style of animation somewhat resembles them, but that’s due to a lack of money in production. This is a classical Alien rip-off flick based on a video game Dead Space. Oddly enough, I have played all games in these series and can say that they are very good, with an accent of Dead Space 2 which was riveting. On some strange planet, miners discover a strange object that later on gets picked up by a space ship that needs to take it to Earth.   What they did not know is that the object possesses the power to alter humans into something else.

There is a lot of swearing and blood, and the gore is pretty good. If this was turned into a regular movie, I am sure that it would be successful. One thing puzzles me, with all that blood and severed body parts, and there is not one scene with nudity, I mean they could go for the whole package while there at it. Also, there is a video game with the same title and if you liked the flick, you might wanna check it out as well as Heavy Metal flick from 1981. With a running time of 1 hour and 14 minutes, Dead Space: Downfall is a great warm up movie, especially if you like science fiction and horror. The sequel titled Dead Space: Aftermath was released in 2011, so you might wanna check it out also.

Director: Chuck Patton

Cast: Jeff Bennett, Bruce Boxleitner, Bruce Boxleitner, Grey DeLisle, Nika Futterman, Kelly Hu

Fun Stuff: A prequel to the events of the game Dead Space and takes place after Dead Space: Extraction, taking place while the Necromorphs invade the USG Ishimura after it receives the Red Marker.


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  1. hvc

    Played the game, was pretty decent, Didnt knw there was a movie O_o
    anyways thanks will check it.


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