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District 9 [2009]

When I saw that Peter Jacksons name was used District 9to promote this movie, I thought that this is going to be another milking movie, but I was wrong. District 9 is something new, something that we have missed for a very long time. Successfully combining several styles into an epic SF movie, this movie is so fresh that you might think it’s not yet ripe. Based on a Neill Blomkamp’s short movie Alive in Joburg it’s also strongly influenced by his childhood years that he spent living under apartheid in South Africa. We must remember that apartheid was ended back in 1991, so the wounds are still fresh. The main story adds an ingenious twist to a classical alien invasion situation and exactly because of this District 9 rose from the ashes and pushed Neill into fame. We can only expect the best from him in the future.

A strange alien ship appears hovering above Johannesburg (finally it is not over L.A. or New York) and when the doors opened, they revealed a large number of, at first sight, primitive aliens. They are treated like scum and second grade citizens, and crammed into a refugee camp. But then… This movie works on several levels, and at the glance it’s a SF-action flick, but it also contains a deeper social study within itself and a powerful message, both to humans and aliens. There are no big names, but this left a lot of money for great special effects, and the lack of famous actors just emphasized the story. Not to say that these actors are bad, I mean Sharlto Copley is just awesome and he is so realistic that it is unbelievable. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Director: Neill Blomkamp

Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt, John Sumner, William Allen Young

Fun Facts: The mutilated animal carcasses in the background of many scenes were real and with only a few exceptions, were already in the real slums and shacks used for the filming.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1136608/

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