After we explored the Spanish cinema, we are continuing our quest for good movies in Germany. This time the theme is post-apocalyptic, one of my favourite ones. Hell, which is the German word for bright, is one of those movies that were really smart with their designated budget and invested into an awesome camera equipment and great post-processing, so the end result is quite good, resembling some of the big blockbuster hits with the similar subject. Although there’s not much wiggle room when you are shooting a post apocalyptic movie, Hell offers us very realistic scenario, and concentrates on the fates of the survivors. The characters are well developed and the actors did their job good, so we can actually feel the hopelessness of the situation and the impending doom that lurks from every bright corner. The breakdown of the society as a whole, and individuals as well is something that I also liked, with the accent on the family, as the only element that can survive this peril.

Hell PosterIt is the year 2016, and the world is not in chaos, the chaos is long over… After a very powerful solar flare, the temperature on Earth has risen by 10°C, this caused chaos and destruction all over the world, making Earth a very nasty and inhospitable place to live. Some of the survivors banded together in an effort to survive and maybe, just maybe find a place where they can live out the rest of their lives without the constant fear of robbers, killers and all kinds of criminals, now that there is no law. The blistering heat is forcing everyone to sleep during the day, and to roam the roads during the night, and this is how we find our little group of survivors on their way to nowhere. While driving they suddenly stop, as they suspect that they might be falling into a trap…

As I already mentioned the director had the common sense to use shots and tricks that allowed Hell to look great, and another thing that I would like to add to that is the lack of freaking zombies. They seem to be an inevitable ingredient of any post apocalyptic movie nowadays, and I am getting sick and tired of seeing zombies in almost every movie that is about some calamity. Water levels rise, and somehow here comes a zombie army to destroy the world or something along those lines. To summarize, if you liked The Road you’ll also like Hell…

Director: Tim Fehlbaum

Writers:  Tim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl, Thomas Wöbke

Cast: Hannah Herzsprung, Stipe Erceg, Lisa Vicari, Angela Winkler, Michael Kranz, Anne Sarah Hartung

Fun Facts: First German film to win the grand prize at Fantasporto.


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