How to write a review for a movie that actually changed you as a person? Moon played out like a phenomenal novel written by Clark or Asimov, making me question my own existence, efforts towards “better life” and world in general. This is a first feature film writer and director Duncan Jones, and it’s truly amazing how he managed to pull this off. Driven by one of the best performances in science fiction, Moon and Sam Rockwell created a timeless classic. Drenched in retro vibe of the forgotten Moon, who was abandoned for juicier moons of Saturn, Mars and other stellar bodies, this movie also explores the “corporate angle” of life in future. Moon, indeed, is a harsh mistress.

Moon [2009] Movie Review Recommendation PosterAstronaut Sam Bell is stationed on moon as a worker in a giant corporation. He’s there to oversee the mining operations and the end of his three-year contract is slowly approaching. As an only human on the moon, his only company is GERTY the robot (Kevin Spacey). After the accident with one of the mining machine Sam will start to realize that perhaps he is not alone… Excellent script, and the whole lonely vibe that this movie has is something that’s hard to accomplish. Working on so many levels and keeping the viewer interested in the characters and the events, Moon is a must-see. They used a simple story with one average, working guy, Average Joe if you insist, to highlight a much bigger, all-encompassing clusterfuck that we call reality. And I haven’t even mentioned the budget of FIVE million dollars! For that amount of money you could get approximately five to ten minutes of CGI in latests science fiction blockbusters.

Director: Duncan Jones

Cast: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott, Robin Chalk

Fun Stuff: As part of the presentation of the movie at NASA, the director was asked about the sturdy, bunker-like design for the base. The director explained that he thought that astronauts would build the base using material dug out of the moon itself, instead of bringing a habitat with them and placing it on the surface. As it happened, one of the other audience members was working on “mooncrete”, which as she explained to the director is a concrete-like material that could be made out of rocky “regolith” on the lunar surface.


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