This mixture of Alien, Dead Space Downfall and other movies regarding infections on a remote space station is relatively good. From the initial $200.000 budget, the whole thing blew up to $33 million after a major production house shown interest despite the darker tone of the movie. The effects are great, and the production values are good also,pandorum but the story is heard a thousand times before, same as a couple of plot twists you can sense at the beginning of the flick. Still, if you’re a fellow space sucker, Pandorum and its fast pace will be a damn fine experience. Additional points are gained because the movie employs a rather “European” science fiction cinematography, best showcased in Alien: Resurrection.

So, upon the downfall of Earth, a space ship is sent to hospitable planet to populate it. This huge ship is a seed for a new beginning of a human race, but something threatens to destroy that dream. A sickness called Pandorum, and of course hordes of some mean motherfuckers roaming the ship. One of those movies that you watch and be entertained, but will forget after a few days (or hours). Excellent performances from two main actors Dennis and Ben cemented Pandorum as one of those science fiction movies that you can periodically watch. Director Christian Alvart was originally thinking about making three movies detailing the misfortunes of the Elysium’s crew, but after the first one bombed at the box office, the plans were scrapped. Just thinking about awful sequels and trilogies that we have suffered in the recent years, makes Pandorum 2 a welcome possibility. There’s a Facebook page that’s still active so if you liked the movie: Fans for PANDORUM Sequel

Director: Christian Alvart

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, Antje Traue, Cung Le,Eddie Rouse

Fun Stuff: Ben Foster insisted to eat real live insects instead of using special F/X or dead ones.


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