Parasite 1982 Movie Luca Bercovici as the leader of the gang trying to charm bar owner holding a gun to his head

Parasite [1982]

Hi, my name is Rabbit and I’m addicted to eighties post-apocalyptic movies. Hi Rabbit. After watching several really good and entertaining post-apocalyptic movies from this era, I started finding more obscure releases while working on some of the Rabbit Reviews lists. These movies featured a distinctive atmosphere and memorable stories but more importantly, they made me forget everything else while I was watching them. You simply could not tell where the story will take you and what oddities you’ll witness. Parasite is one of those movies. It features a pretty standard-issue story about a scientist on a quest to find a cure while traversing the wasteland. And don’t be fooled by the intriguing opening scene, the pacing is pretty slow.

The script is oftentimes hysterically funny, unintentionally, of course, helping you to get through boring parts of the movie. Scenes end for no particular reason and things happen for no apparent reason. Taking itself too seriously, it creates this driven vibe that makes everything just more fun. Parasite is a flawed, low-budget movie that will not blow you away. However, it can be entertaining, especially if you make it through the first half and meet our hilarious biker gang. The parasitic creature was designed by none other than Stan Winston and looks pretty gnarly. Too bad they didn’t have a bigger budget so we could see more of it in action. At least we get plenty of shots with futuristic looking Lamborghini Countach, discontinued in 1990.

Welcome to the grim future of our human race. The year is 1992 and most of the USA is a barren wasteland. Instead of government, the country is ruled by an evil corporation known as The Merchants. Hellbent on controlling the population, they force Dr. Paul Dean to create a special creature to help them with that. Realizing the consequences of his discovery, Paul decides to take the creature and run not realizing that he’s already infected…

Parasite is also a 3D movie meaning that you will be treated to a lot of scenes that were made specifically to fit this format. I watched the ordinary, 2D version, albeit restored to superior blu-ray quality. If you haven’t yet decided to check out this movie you should know that it’s starring Demi Moore! Yes, this was a second movie appearance for 19-year-old Demi who got her break just a couple of years later with her Blame it on Rio role. In a recent interview she admitted that this is by far the worst movie she was in. It seems that I have a knack for these early roles as I recently stumbled upon one of the first Brad Pitt appearances in Cutting Class. So, if you have some free time and you’re willing to sit through a bit slower post-apocalyptic movie, Parasite is a good choice.

Director: Charles Band

Writers: Alan J. Adler, Michael Shoob, Frank Levering

Cast: Robert Glaudini, Demi Moore, Luca Bercovici, James Davidson, Al Fann, Tom Villard, Scott Thomson, Cherie Currie, Joanelle Romero

Fun Facts: A sequel was planned but never materialized due to the collapse of Embassy Pictures. Robert Glaudini was set to return.


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