Retroactive [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Retroactive [1997]

After all those new blockbusters it’s time to go back in time with Retroactive, a movie about going back in time. This raw diamond has been unnoticed for far too long, very cleverly scripted and combining several “cool” themes, don’t be afraid of the year or the production values, this movie will warm your heart with bloody murders, intense atmosphere and intriguing story. With James Belushi in a lead role as the very volatile Elvis lookalike and two hot female leads, Retroactive seems like a small road movie, and it may be small but with big ideas. Most of the movie is set in the car, but you just don’t feel that constrained by space vibe, maybe the sights of the vast Texas countryside helped with that…

Retroactive PosterKaren is a police negotiator, on her vacation in Texas, looking to get away from all the daily stress of her work. But, after her car accident, she is forced to find alternative ways of transportation and hitchhiking is one of the options. So she hitches a ride with a seemingly normal couple, Frank is a rather jolly fellow travelling with his wife Rayanne. What Karen didn’t know is that Rayenne cheated on her husband with a mysterious stranger, and when Frank finds out about this, all hell breaks loose. Not to mention that nearby is a government facility that supposedly researches time travel…

“Cool” themes are the following: time travel, route 666 vibe and that southern atmosphere that is so specific that it almost feels if I were to travel to Texas, I would feel at home. I’ve seen so many good movies dealing with this subject, which basically boils down to human nature. It is amazing to see how Frank, who at the beginning had a huge dose of charm and goodness about him, slowly turns into a raging monster… Bare fucking human nature, jealousy, rage and all other fun emotions are so realistic that you can almost feel the fear in the comfort of your home.

Director: Louis Morneau

Writers: Michael Hamilton-Wright, Robert Strauss, Phillip Badger

Cast: James Belushi, Kylie Travis, Shannon Whirry, M. Emmet Walsh, Sherman Howard

Fun Facts: Temperatures soared to over one hundred degrees on almost every day throughout the shooting of this movie. Moreover, thirty mile-per-hour windstorms were a common occurrence in the afternoons. As a direct result of the latter, crew members were often forced to wear goggles and face masks in order to protect themselves from the harsh elements.


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