As any other movie based on Philip K. Dick short story,Screamers this one also possesses very innovative and intelligent plot. A personal note here, Screamers is one of my all-time favourites. I have seen it one year after it was released and immediately my world was changed. That gloomy setting on a distant planet full of dangers just fucking got me. Not to mention the sand and robots, fuck me… With a distinctly European science fiction look, this is not some action movie like Starship Troopers, released two years later. They took the time to show us how it would really be in the future and how different would our lives be. That atmosphere just sucks you in. It’s both post-apocalyptic and dystopian.

The story is set on a planet SIRIUS 6B, that used to be a great mine, but after the wars, the mining is abandoned in favor of survival. The only thing left are two fractions trying to survive in hostile environment and Screamers. Screamers are mechanical creations initially designed for destroying any enemy. They travel under the sand and jump at the unsuspecting victim viciously killing it. The production values were a bit scarce so do not expect top of the notch special effects and stuff, but what can you expect is a great story, magnificent performances from everybody, and especially Peter Weller. He really looks like that weary soldier who has seen it all. Not to mention the bleak environment of an unknown abandoned planet. Glorious. Scenography is amazing and it really creates that sense that you are looking at an actual bunker or a landscape of a distant planet. Enjoy.

Director: Christian Duguay

Cast: Peter Weller, Roy Dupuis, Jennifer Rubin, Andrew Lauer, Charles Edwin Powell

Fun Facts: The strange chessboard in the opening scene is the “Game of Ur,” a game from ancient Mesopotamia. The game is still played in Iraq to this day.


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