If you like to explore and experiment, Sector 7 is a movie for you. Also if you like monster flicks you will like it, if for nothing else than for silly humor and situations. First of all, although the movie tries to be serious with a bit of humor sprinkled on top, I urge you not to take it too seriously. This is a first Korean 3D and IMAX movie, so I will try to be considerate. Characters are hollow, empty and with some really strange reactions to immediate danger (not to mention generic), the main story, although with an excellent premise, is pretty simple, pace is very questionable (resist the urge to fast forward), but for some reason I liked Sector 7. It has a certain childish honesty and I guess I will watch anything with a good theme and special effects.

An oil rig called The Eclipse is located in a vast emptiness of the ocean. With diminishing returns and almost no future, its crew has lost its motivation, and due to these substantial loses Captain Jeong-man is sent to the rig to wrap up things. Hae-jun, an equipment manager at the rig is certain that they will find oil there, and this decision is something that really pisses him of. However, all their plans will change when something starts to lurk in the murky waters of the sea (!?). It seems to be some sort of the deformed creature, but why is it there and how it came into being is a mystery that is up to you to discover…

Director: Ji-hun Kim

Cast: Ji-won Ha, Sung-kee Ahn, Ji-ho Oh, Ae-ryeon Cha, Han-wi Lee

Fun Facts: Budget $10 million


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1934381/

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