Do you like science fiction and sex? If the answer is yes then oh boy, you’re in for a treat, because this movie should be called Sex & Space. It wasn’t but what you’re about to witness is exactly that. But, lets start at the beginning: Director Walter Hill (The Warriors, 48 Hrs, Johnny Handsome, Last Man Standing) just finished editing the movie when MGM demanded a test screening. At this point there were no special effects and Walter warned MGM that this madness. After horrible reviews and more squabbles, Walter quit and MGM hired Jack Sholder to finish the movie. His version got a little better reception but it was a heavily edited version of the original movie. Supernova was then shelved. Two years later fucking Francis Ford Coppola and his company American Zoetrope finally managed to finish the movie. The final version of the movie was exactly what the studios wanted a funny sex romp in space. Walter Hill’s version, at this point lost forever, was: “much more grotesque, strange and disturbing”. A classic tale of studios, now lets get back to the movie we actually get to see. supernova_ver1

Supernova is one of those that you have got to see and laugh. Everything in this movie is about sex, and that is the tag-line of the entire movie, there are no Supernovas just the basic instincts and people having sex. So the plot is a classic, a rescue ship receives a distress call from a distant galaxy, they answer it and get to the galaxy in-questioned (by the way to make a quantum jump they have to be naked). Once there, some muscular guy cums on board, and he tries to fuck everyone present. Well, maybe there is not that much sexual content, there is also a little mystery and suspense. Special effects are decent, and the quantum jumps are really impressive. So in the conclusion, an interesting movie, if you are looking for even worse movies that involve sex and space check out the mother-load of bad content Dracula 3000, in the future there will be section for these very entertaining movies. Since the future is now: Movies so bad that they are good. Enjoy.

Director: Walter Hill

Cast: James Spader, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Lou Diamond Phillips, Peter Facinelli, Robin Tunney

Fun Facts: Apparently, the zero gravity sex scene between Angela Bassett and James Spader was put together using out-takes of scenes featuring Robin Tunney and Peter Facinelli, and with Tunney’s skin color being digitally darkened.


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