Teleios 2017 Movie Crew of the ship in their cryochambers in suspended animation with the shot of a gas giant with the rings in the background

Teleios [2017]

I shied away from newer low-budget science fiction movies after being disappointed so many times, but Teleios proves that you should check them out from time to time. Once you get used to the glossy visual style that looks like high-end porn, you will cum to enjoy in this little sci-fi flick. When they flashed our very muscular and sexy crew in cryosleep, in their underwear, I thought that this is where we’re going. However, this was only a gimmick to accentuate the main story and we will not be witnessing another space sex extravaganza like Supernova. And to be perfectly clear there’s no nudity here.

The story seems familiar and yet intriguing, reminiscent of Star Trek. This is not a space opera with huge battleships or aliens but more of a philosophical slow-burner working within the limits of the low budget. The special effects look good and believable but the costumes feel a bit too strong. I mean, I know what they were going for, but there are more subtle ways to achieve that “official and futuristic” look. And I hope you’re a fan of dutchies or tilted camera angles because there are a lot of them. Just a tad bit pretentious and straining under its weight, the script could have been better. Teleios is a movie for science fiction fans who will appreciate the overall vibe and setting. The rest could be a bit bored and not too anxious to find out what’s behind the mystery of the mining vessel.

The year is 2047 and the spaceship Teleios is getting closer to its destination. The crew of the ship is comprised of genetically enhanced humans who are superior to “ordinary” humans in almost every way. Their mission is to find out what happened aboard a mining ship, now abandoned and adrift. The crew supposedly went crazy and soon they were all dead…

One of the principal themes of Teleios or Beyond the Trek revolves around the definition of what it means to be human. What it means to be human after genetically enhanced beings have become the norm. They are much better than us in almost every way, however, is there still something missing? Something they’re having trouble with? I know that you’ve heard this story before but it’s an interesting one and deserves to be looked at from every perspective. With a runtime of just 85 minutes, you shouldn’t be disappointed with this hidden little flick. And if you’re hungry for similar movies you can always check out classics like Event Horizon, Dead Space: Downfall or Lost in Space. And if you’re looking for hidden sci-fi gems The Vast of the Night, Prospect and Cosmos are all good choices. Enjoy.

Director: Ian Truitner

Writer: Ian Truitner

Cast: Sunny Mabrey, T.J. Hoban, Christian Pitre, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Weetus Cren, Michael Nouri, John Posey, Leila Birch

Fun Facts: Budget was $1,000,000


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