Now here`s a movie that has a different role intended for Robin Williams then the usual goofy final_cutones (did someone said RV). Although he was in his fair share of science fiction movies like Artificial Intelligence and Bicentennial Man, this movie has a bit darker What Dreams May Come or One Hour Photo vibe. It’s much darker and not just on a basic level, it’s almost at K Dick levels. This cult of death thing that we have carried over the centuries, forced by religion, has reached its full potential here. This was the strongest motive in the movie, for me at least. It made me think are we going to be really doing things like this in future? Unfortunately, the more likely answer is yes, but this is that rich tapestry of life that we all live in.

Set in the future, The Final Cut tells a story about Alan Hakman (Hack-Man more like it) a cutter. In a world of tomorrow, people have memory-chip implants and upon their death a cutter can alter and manipulate these memories to make something that his family would like him to remember him by. But when Alan gets a job that is not so benign as the previous ones his life might be in danger. He will have to question his own morality and the rules of this society. The Final Cut is not a classic SF movie, it is more of a story oriented movie, so some people might find it a bit boring. However, I recommend you use that time to ponder about our mortality and ways we deal with it while we are still alive. And then, when we are dead. I know it’s kind of a morbid thing, but hey it’s been here for centuries and it’s a part of our identity as a species. This makes it a perfect subject for deeper analysis.

Director: Omar Naim

Cast: Robin Williams, Mira Sorvino, James Caviezel, Brendan Fletcher, Christopher Britton

Fun Facts: Movie was shot in Canada.


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