The Subjects 2015 Movie Scene Emily Wheaton as Jenna with blood all over her face

The Subjects [2015]

The Subjects is the latest in a long series of relatively low-budget movies about superheroes. This genre simply blew up in recent years and everybody is trying to capitalize on it. In the sea of mediocrity, there are a couple of decent movies worth checking out. And this is one of them. The difference between this movie and the rest in this genre is its original take on the whole superhero thing.

Working the “strange people locked in a room” angle, The Subjects generates enough fun and thrills to keep the viewer interested for seventy-five minutes. The characters felt a bit plastic but I guess they did their best. I know that you’re used to really good movies being reviewed here (or at least I hope so), so here’s one that’s just good. It will be a blip on your radar, but try to remember Robert Mond. He wrote and directed this flick and I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of him in the coming years.

Eight subjects, participating in a clinical trial, have been locked in a room. They are then given a pill, a pill that will change everything. They soon realize that the pill enables them to do amazing things, but there’s a problem. Their new power seems to have lethal consequences…

With eight characters and a relatively good body count, The Subjects manages to get away with a bit bland and cliched script. The atmosphere is really good, and once you’re in this room, along with the subjects, time sort of speeds up. However, there might be some bias here, as I’m one of those people who like a story set in a limited environment. The general feeling of claustrophobia and the notion of limited variables to work with vibes so well with me.

The events that generate momentum are quite clever and this is the thing that I like the most about The Subjects. Like little post-it notes left all around the house, with interesting concepts and ideas. If you like science fiction and superhero movies, check out this one too, it’s good. Finally, if you’re looking for more of the same, check out Code 8 and ARQ. Additionally, Project Power starring Jamie Foxx also has some of the same concepts.

Director: Robert Mond

Writer: Robert Mond

Cast: Paul O’Brien, Charlotte Nicdao, Emily Wheaton, Spencer McLaren, Katharine Innes, Paul Henri, Frank Magree, Tosh Greenslade

Fun Facts: Shot in 13 days in one location, almost entirely in chronological order.


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