Remember the movie 13 [2010] that I reviewed a couple of years ago, well this is the original French movie, a hundred times better than the remake (although they both have the same director). I know it sounds strange, but it’s true. While the americanized version was bleak and too neat, the original grim and engaging movie is a work of art. The fact that it’s black and white only adds to its value, making it even more dreary and realistic. 13 Tzameti managed to address so many issues in just an hour and a half that I will now only try to name them. First of all there’s the drug abuse and addiction, its influence on the people around the abuser and the terrible consequences. Poverty and hopelessness that many young people know too well, in this declining “capitalistic” society, and finally the other side of the coin, the might and debauchery that money and power bring. Cutting down on the all non-essential elements, director Géla Babluani focused on the characters and the relatively simple story, leaving the viewers to ponder every little event and the shot. Did I mention the unbefuckinglivable tension that just overwhelms you after the first half the movie? Yeah, there’s tension alright.

13 Tzameti PosterSébastien is a young carpenter working on an old house owned by a strange and eccentric guy Jean-François, just trying to get by and afford the next meal for himself and his family. He is only 22 years old and living and small apartment with the rest of his family. Broke and hooked on drugs, Jean-François keeps saying that he is expecting a letter with the instructions for his next big score, but as fate would have it he overdoses and Sebastien accidentally reads the letter. He decides to follow instructions not knowing what he’s getting himself in, or that police is monitoring his every move. Soon he will realize that he involved himself in a strange underworld, where lives are cheap and bets are high, perhaps too high…

I mentioned the tension, oh good, I shouldn’t forget to mention it 😛 Anywhoo, the depths of this movie are yours for the taking (or diving), so be prepared to immerse yourself in this masterpiece. Try not to watch the trailer or check out whats the plot, just trust me on this one guys and girls… And transgender people, well, decide for yourselves…

Director: Géla Babluani

Writer:  Géla Babluani

Cast: George Babluani, Aurélien Recoing, Fred Ulysse, Nicolas Pignon, Vania Vilers, Christophe Vandevelde

Fun Facts: “Tzameti” is the Georgian word for thirteen


IMDb Link: IMDb Link

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