Another hostage situation movie, this time directed by Kevin Spacey who had help from almighty Sidney Lumet.albino alligator Of course, Dog Day Afternoon (directed by Lumet) is the mother-load of all hostage flicks, but if you like that cramped feeling and the constant suspense you might wanna check out this one. Kevin Spacey appeared also in similar movie called The Negotiator, this time as an actor.

Three small time criminals, chased by the police, stumble upon a bar in New Orleans where they will take hostages and try to escape. As in any other hostage flick there is a lot of suspense and intense moments, and this one is no exception. Cast is magnificent, and I cannot single out anyone, because every last one was great with their very colorful and intriguing characters. This is the reason why Albino Alligator works, banking on those immensly talented and expirienced actors. We can only wonder what would happen if the script had been better. This way, there are some small plot holes and inane dialogues, but overwhelming and crushing atmosphere generated by the characters and general situation hides that well.

Director: Kevin Spacey

Cast: Matt Dillon, Faye Dunaway, Gary Sinise, William Fichtner, Viggo Mortensen, M. Emmet Walsh, Joe Mantegna

Fun Stuff: Directing debut of Kevin Spacey.


IMDb Link: ttp://

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