If you’re a sucker for all those serial killer movies, then here’s another one just for you. This is one is quite different since it had to offer something to the viewer in this over-saturated sub-genre. That something is a very unique visual style, only enhanced with great casting choices. Speedman, Rebhorn and Stormare were all great and they were so natural that it gave the movie this surreal dimension. Of course, Dafoe ran the show here. Cinematography was simply mesmerizing and it reminded me of another movie involving murder mystery: The Oxford Murders. And while the latter chose a much cleaner and polished look, Anamorph has that dark and fucked up vibe, almost crossing into the horror genre with it. The movie’s biggest flaw was reliance on gimmicks to do all the heavy lifting. Although you have this unique approach and decent main story, you still need much more in order to make a great thriller. Saw and Se7en were great horror/thrillers with unique elements but with a very good character development and excellent main story.

Anamorph [2007] Movie Review Recommendation PosterStan Aubray is a police detective who after several years of pursuit finally caught (and killed) a serial killer called Uncle Eddie. Stan retired and went on to teach for forensic psychology. Five years after that another serial killer starts his killing spree, this time with some strange connections to painting techniques, and of course Stan Aubray is called to save the day.

After so many serial killer catching flicks you just take some things for granted, like that every detective has a drinking problem, dead wife, and a strange connection to the killer. This time those elements fit pretty well, especially because of the Willem Dafoe’s performance. You want to see if this weathered detective will be able to solve the puzzle and how. Anyway, good production values and some pretty gruesome scenes make this movie pretty good. Actually if you’re squeamish or do not like seeing corpses arranged in strange positions, it’s best that you skip this one. Obviously, they tried to lure the hard core horror fans with this. Let’s see if they made it. Nice addition to the story is Anamorphosis, an ancient painting technique where there are actually two pictures on one canvas.

Director: Henry Miller

Cast: Willem Dafoe, Scott Speedman, James Rebhorn, Peter Stormare, Don Harvey

Fun Stuff: Dafoe turned down the role initially but reconsidered after a chance meeting with producer Marissa McMahon on a flight from Los Angeles.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0497323/

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