Boiling Point 2021 Movie Scene Vinette Robinson as Carly and Stephen Graham as Andy Jones reading orders to the chefs in a restaurant

Boiling Point [2021]

The last one-shot movie I watched was Woody Harrelson’s Lost in London. It was funny but also a bit disjointed. Boiling Point is an entirely different beast, an intense and raw movie worth watching again and again. It’s not only an excellent character study but it also shows us what’s going on behind the scenes in busy restaurants. We’re usually the guests, not thinking about how the food gets to our table probably occupied by other worries. I found this whole element of the movie truly fascinating.

Philip Barantini, writer and director of Boiling Point, worked as a chef before focusing on the world of cinema. So, he certainly knows exactly how demanding and infuriating this job can be. I’ll also like to add that this is how I imagined Anthony Bourdain at his job. I mean, not exactly but you know what I mean. Our main chef is not the only star of this movie. We also have the rest of the staff and the guests.

All of them will create this vibrant and realistic picture of one crazy night at a restaurant. I actually started getting nervous as the story progressed. I also totally forgot about the whole one-shot thing. At one point, Boiling Point envelops you with its atmosphere and you forget you’re watching a movie. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that the pacing was excellent, giving us just a few scenes to catch our breath before delving further into the chaos that is fine dining.

We catch up with Andy as he’s preparing for one of the busiest nights of the year in his restaurant. He’s almost late for work but he’s most certainly late for his son’s practice, which he missed once again. Ever since his wife left him, Andy’s been having trouble getting his life in order. And things start going from bad to worse as soon as he enters the restaurant…

Stephen Graham has to be one of the most underrated British actors today. He was phenomenal here just as he was in The North Water, White House Farm, Little Boy Blue, and Boardwalk Empire. Although he seems to be always playing the same guy, like in Hyena. Vinette Robinson and Jason Flemyng were also terrific along with the rest of our young cast. The one-shot thing is not a gimmick but something that actually helps you with the immersion. Add to this authentic dialogue and you got yourself one hell of a movie. 

I kept thinking how in theater actors have to do this for every fucking show. Stunning and adrenaline-fueled, Boiling Point is a unique experience. It feels more like a documentary than an actual movie. A definition of a fly on the wall saying. I don’t want to keep you reading this any more than I have to with superlatives about this fucking movie, just check it out.

Director: Philip Barantini

Writers: Philip Barantini, James Cummings

Cast: Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson, Alice Feetham, Ray Panthaki, Jason Flemyng, Gary Lamont

Fun Facts: Stephen Graham and Hannah Walters (playing Emily) are married in real life.


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