Carjacked 2011 Movie Stephen Dorff and Maria Bello in car

Carjacked [2011]

If you are looking for an easy movie, that doesn’t require much of your attention or just want to relax after a hard day at work don’t worry, Carjacked is here in all its glorious mediocrity. Starring Stephen Dorff and beautiful Maria Bello, Carjacked (or Carjerked) is a simple story about carjacking, that dabbled a bit in character development, but not for too long, they didn’t wanna give out an impression that this is some future cult movie.

With movies that have few characters and are set in a closed environment, there are so many possibilities to experiment and expose human nature (Reservoir Dogs). Just like with the TV series, they followed a recipe for a good and relatively predictable thriller: start off with a sympathetic character (single mom with her kid), then put them in trouble with a very bad man (the carjacker), and after that show that he is not really that bad (or is he?).

The script had potential, but apparently, the director and cast were pressured to create something that will not take risks but mildly entertain the viewer, lurking among the Netflix and local video store (jeez this guy still thinks they exist). Carjacked is not a bad movie, it is quite watchable and enjoyable if you are looking for something like this, and if you’re not it will still be good enough. After all, with runtime of just over 80 minutes, it’s short and sweet.

Lorraine Burton is not having the best time of her life, as she is having trouble with her insecurities, money and the only thing keeping her pushing forward through all this is her seven-year-old son Chad (who names their kid Chad anyway, sound like a college douchebag). But after one stop at the gas station, everything will change. She returns to her car only to find a strange man holding a gun to her beloved son. He orders her to get in and the three of them set out on a road towards the money. As it turns out a strange man is a bank robber on the run with nothing to lose. How will this end is up to you to find out.

P.S. If you like movies about driving you might wanna check out Dead End [2003], a bit darker but so much better movie overall than Carjacked…

Director: John Bonito

Cast: Stephen Dorff, Maria Bello, Joanna Cassidy, Catherine Dent, David Jensen

Fun Facts: Maria Bello and Tim Griffin also star in NBC’s Prime Suspect.


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