If you’re up for something a bit weirder and mysterious then run-of-the-mill thrillers, check out this movie. This is also an opportunity to see Jeff Daniels in a much more demanding role than in Dumb & Dumber, although after that movie he rarely appears in comedies (check out Imaginary Heroes and The Squid and the Whale, both dramas with Jeff). I think what gave this movie that fucked up vibe, and that sense of horror is the reality and plausibility of the events. I could totally imagine myself in the same situation doing very much the same things, and how I would deal with the rest of the plot, I hope I never find out. Besides this, camera work is excellent, using strange and rarely used angles it brings us closer to the mind of poor Ed Saxon, and his problems. Although you could say it is a bit slower, it never losses that suspense and creepy vibe that starts right at the beginning. If you are looking for similar movies Donnie Darko and The Machinist are something closely related to this movie, but with a much broader stage (almost the entire Chasing Sleep takes place in Ed’s house).

Ed Saxon is a college professor at a local university, living with his beautiful wife an ordinary life. One day, after he prepared a dinner for her, she does not show up at the usual time. A bit worried, Ed phones the police inquiring about the procedures that take place in these situations, still not reporting his wife as missing. Through all this ordeal he is having trouble sleeping, and even when he sleeps he does not feel rested at all. After 72 hours, Ed finally reports her as missing and a police detective is dispatched to his house. About the same time Ed starts seeing things that are not supposed to be there, furthermore complicating the plot of this already strange movie….

Director: Michael Walker

Cast: Jeff Daniels, Molly Price, Ben Shenkman, Gil Bellows, Julian McMahon

Fun Facts: 2001 – Gérardmer Film Festival – Won – Special Jury Prize, Sweden Fantastic Film Festival – Won – Jury Grand Prize


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0221069/

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