Criminal [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

Criminal [2004]

Here’s another movie for all you texas holdem, gambling, cheating sons of bitches. It is interesting to see John C. Reilly in another conman movie (the first one was Hard Eight), he seems to be doing rather well in these sorts of movies, especially as a guy who has some brains unlike the rest of his roles. This is actually a remake of a movie called Nueve reinas, and it is not too shabby considering it is a remake. The cast is excellent with John leading the pack and Maggie Gyllenhaal following with a special treat in a form of Diego Luna (he is rumored to be in the next Neill Blomkamp project Elysium). The story is great, with twists and turns and other shit to keep you interested, and the timing of the jokes and everything else is perfect thanks to the director Gregory Jacobs.

Two con artists, Rodrigo quite tender and gentle kid and Richard, the slimy opposite of him will accidentally meet and try their luck together. Both looking for a quick cash, they will accidentally stumble upon a con of their lifetime, involving some forged notes. The dynamic duo will accept this challenge, hoping to get payed and to sort out their personal problems. Rodrigo’s father is in trouble with the local loansharks and Richard, well Richard is always in trouble, living high paced life of cons and deceits. Desperate to save his fathers life Rodrigo accepts Richards offer to load him money so they can pull off this con, and what will happen later is up to you to find out, enjoy…

Director: Gregory Jacobs

Cast: John C. Reilly, Diego Luna, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Mullan, Laura Cerón

Fun Facts: Despite the fact that this was filmed in the standard spherical format, “Filmed in Panavision” is listed in the end credits.


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