Trying to make a noir flick, first time director/many a time actor Thomas Jane did manage to create a good movie. dark_country_movie_poster_01It could surely be much better, but this way it possesses some kind of a raw quality. Production values are good, although sometimes during the flick some of the scenes may seem childishly made. Again this due to production issues. This movie was released and produced with a huge bet on the 3D technology. Jane went out of his way to make it a dark and thrilling experience, reminiscent of The Twilight Zone. And then they fucked him, pulling the movie from theaters and releasing it on DVD. What remains is great movie, especially for us road and noir suckers, heavy on the visuals and brooding atmosphere.

Story follows a newlywed couple on their journey through the desert, where they will find out more about wrong turns and dark paths. Although the movie starts of quite gentle and benign, it soon transforms into something more sinister. Thomas Jane really shined as actor and with the support of Lauren German they created a certain chemistry that you can sense. After you have seen the movie, you will have to see it again, at the end you will find out why, so it’s nice that it possesses that replay value. Enjoy.

PS If you want to continue your exploration of this genre, I recommend: Dead End

Director: Thomas Jane

Cast: Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, Lauren German, Chris Browning, Con Schell, Rene Mousseux

Fun Stuff: The movie is based on a short story by the film’s writer, Tab Murphy.


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