Deadfall [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Deadfall [2013]

What I thought is going to be another version of No Country for Old Man or Fargo, turned out to be a very good heist thriller, suspenseful and very engaging. With a very small number of good snow movies, Deadfall comes just when its needed with its beautiful vistas of snowy forests close to the Canadian border. Questioning morality, mortality and love you get more than you bargained for from this movie. The characters are written very well, and actors didn’t find it hard to bring them to life. Although I must say that Charlie Hunnam just can’t take off his Sons of Anarchy jacket and leave it alone. He’s a really good, good-looking actor and with his career taking off, it would be wise for him to try some other approach. Olivia Wilde is so fucking pretty, I could stare into her eyes for days, and the rest of the cast is also easy on the eye, making Deadfall something that you can talk into your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/plant/animal (just to be politically correct).

Deadfall PosterAddison and Liza, a brother and a sister,  just robbed a casino near a Canadian border with a little help from their friend Theo. Everything went well and they were on their way to Canada when they had a car accident. From there everything just turns into a series of wrong decisions that are slowly spiraling out of control involving more and more people. At the same time, Jay, a young boxer, has been released from prison after serving his sentence for fixing a box match. He’s on his way to Chet and June, his parents who live close to the border…

After Game of Thrones, incest has become sort of a popular theme in movies and series, and I don’t like it. It should be left where it’s been, in redneck, deep south horror movies. Luckily for us, this theme was subtle enough, with the prevailing love story between Liza and Jay. The snowy setting was the thing that binded the whole thing, serving as a perfect mood setter and filler. Even when nothing is going on, you can enjoy in that prolonged scene of the snow blizzard. This would be all for nothing if the movie wasn’t as masterfully directed and written as it is. It’s very difficult to write and direct a movie with so strong side stories, keeping at the same time the main story on its tracks. I look forward to the future works of the director Stefan Ruzowitzky and writer Zach Dean…

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Writer: Zach Dean

Cast: Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kris Kristofferson, Sissy Spacek, Treat Williams, Kate Mara

Fun Facts: Olivia Wilde’s first day of shooting was actually the scenes where her character almost freezes to death and she was only in a miniskirt during filming in Canada.


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