Here we go again with another mainstream thriller, but it seems that this genre is the most prolific, so there are always some good movies to be picked out. Starring Amanda Seyfried that, at least to me, looks exactly like Dakota Fanning, Gone is an example of a nineties thriller with a good general idea, but not too developed supporting characters and so much interesting twists that could have been done, but, alas, are not. This does not mean that the movie is bad, but merely that it could have been much better. Strong female lead seems to be genuinely alone here, dealing with all the problems like a boss without any help at all from other characters. This, certainly, generates a lot of sympathy and cheering for her to make it, but also puts a lot of stress on the actress. If you watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds or a similar show you will be right at home with the plot and the characters. Everything is done very professionally, with a lot of suspense and guessing with great performances from almost all the actors. Still for a movie about a serial killer, torturer and generally unpleasant person there isn’t much R-Rated stuff, but still this mild approach has its benefits…

One year after, Jill Conway is still recovering from a kidnapping, torture and near-death that she survived after being kidnapped by an unknown serial killer. He took her to the woods and left her in a deep hole, but after a while, when he tried to finish her off, Jill managed to get away. Without any evidence and distraught from the experience, her story did not sound too convincing to a local law enforcement. After spending some time in a psychiatric institution a few years back and the death of her parents, she is not the best witness. Slowly recovering from all this, and still being extremely cautious she will be thrown once again into the belly of the beast as one day her sister mysteriously disappears. Is Jill overreacting, is it all just inside her head, or the killer surfaced again is up to you to discover. Enjoy…

Director: Heitor Dhalia

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Daniel Sunjata, Wes Bentley,Jennifer Carpenter, Michael Paré

Fun Facts: Not screened in advance for critics.


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