Here’s a neat tip for all you movie fans, if there’s full frontal nudity in the first scene of the movie, it’s usually a sign that the movie is really good (and I’m not talking just about porn). I think that we are so used to Hollywood style action/thrillers about secret agents that it’s really difficult to switch to something more exotic. Of course, James Bond is somewhat of an exception, but still an exception that just confirms the general rule. James Bond move over, Hamilton is here! Based on a novel by Jan Guillou, this is a second time that Swedish secret agent Carl Hamilton appears in movies, the first one came out in 1998 starring Peter Stormare (haven’t watched it yet). Don’t be fooled by the relatively unknown actors and the fact that this is a Swedish movie about their equivalent of MI-6, this is a full-blown, big budget, engaging action-thriller movie that is possibly one of the best movies about secret agents in a last decade…

Hamilton I nationens intresse PosterCarl Hamilton, a secret agent working for the Swedish government, managed to somehow infiltrate a Russian mafia organization that’s trying to sell Swedish weapons to terrorists. During the exchange, an unknown group of masked and highly trained assassins, kills everybody and takes the weapons for themselves. Everybody, except Hamilton who manages to escape and safely returns to Sweden, wondering is he still able to continue to work in the nations interest. But once an agent, always an agent, so Hamilton continues his pursuit of this unknown group, not knowing where it would lead him…

I think that a comparison between Hamilton and Bond is inevitable, so here it is: while Bond is definitely more charming and entertaining, Hamilton is more engaging and realistic. Sure, there are a couple of “suspend belief” moments, but they are carefully masked by the action or the story. Camera was just phenomenal, not too shy to take quite bloody and gory scenes or wide immersing shots. As far as the story goes, it’s anything but fiction, and I believe it’s one of the more accurate portrayels of all the parties involved. I’m always surprised to see movies that openly disclose how the world really works. In the end, he’s not perfect, but he’s ours, he’s me, he’s you, he’s Hamilton!

Director: Kathrine Windfeld

Writer:  Jan Guillou , Stefan Thunberg

Cast: Mikael Persbrandt, Pernilla August, Jason Flemyng, Gustaf Hammarsten, Ray Fearon, Kevin McNally

Fun Facts: Mikael Persbrandt prepared for the role of Carl Hamilton by training with the American Navy Seals in San Diego for an extensive period of time, learning techniques such as silent takedowns and weapon disarming. Mikael Persbrandt was also trained by SSG, the Swedish Elite Force, in preparation for the role.


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