Hush 2008 Movie Scene William Ash as Zakes looking inside the truck

Hush [2008]

You don’t have to have a big budget to make a good movie. Hush is a straightforward thriller featuring a suspenseful atmosphere and familiar elements. We will be following a couple driving down the iconic M1 motorway on a rainy night when they spot something truly bizarre. Bizarre and frightening. You can feel the intention of Mark Tonderai, the guy who wrote and directed this movie, to put you in this situation and ask you what would you do. Would you call the police or follow the white truck?

This immersion factor is greatly amplified by believable dialogue and excellent acting. And just to be perfectly clear, Hush looks great. The cinematography was excellent and apart from just a couple of shaky shots, everything else looked like it belongs in a much bigger production. We’ve seen a lot of these movies where something happens on a lonely road come from America but very few from Britain. I can think of only Locke starring Tom Hardy and none other. On the other hand, we’ve got BreakdownJoyride, and Dead End

Even Australian Wolf Creek features some of the same elements we find here. Now Hush is not going to win any awards and you’ll probably forget all about it in a couple of years but it makes for a fine damn viewing experience. We need these thrillers that are not pretentious and done by the book. You’ve got your opening act, complication, and intense finale, what more to want? Plus, you’ve got all these moral dilemmas that will keep popping up constantly. 

Zack and Beth think this is just another dull night in their young lives. They’re driving down the M1 with just one more stop before they’re done. You see, Zack has to change some posters on a couple of gas stations, and then they can go home. However, when a white van overtakes them, they that someone is in the back of that one. Someone who needs help immediately…

I like how it seems that things naturally go from bad to worse in Hush. One thing leads to the next and before you know it you’re running for your life. Additionally, you’re not quite sure what’s going on and what are the ultimate intentions of our caped villain. Don’t worry, everything will be revealed during a rather furious finale. So, if you’re looking for an underrated thriller, you’ve just found it. Finally, if you’re looking for movies like Hush, check out Highwayman starring Jim Caviezel and Rhona Mitra. 

Director: Mark Tonderai

Writer: Mark Tonderai

Cast: William Ash, Christine Bottomley, Andreas Wisniewski, Claire Keelan, Stuart McQuarrie, Robbie Gee

Fun Facts: Budget was £1,000,000


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