Kill Me Three Times 2014 Movie Scene Simon Pegg as Charlie Wolfe holding a gun

Kill Me Three Times [2014]

Behind an intriguing title Kill Me Three Times hides a solid thriller with a lot of black humor. It’s not the best but it’s definitely not the worst. You know the reading, 3.6 roentgen. They were going for that quirky crime movie vibe similar to Tarantino or Coen brothers movies. You know the setup, a clusterfuck of a situation developing through a series of unexpected twists. We will go back and forth in time, unfolding a bizarre series of events featuring even more bizarre characters. And although all this sounds good on paper the execution feels a bit bland and forgettable. It makes this a movie perfect for a single viewing.

Also, despite being an indie Australian production, Kill Me Three Times feels a bit commercial. Especially when you compare it to classics like Animal Kingdom, The Hard Word, or Son of a Gun. And I ain’t even mentioning Wolf Creek. This is amplified by the lavish production values and appealing cinematography. I just loved the saturated colors and crisp clear image quality. The Australian countryside is just so damn beautiful and mesmerizing that you simply can’t go wrong with it. And before you do anything else, please do not watch the trailer for this movie! It will spoil all the good stuff and I think you already know whether or not you’re going to check it out.

Eagles Nest, Western Australia is the place to be if you’re a rich proprietor, just like Jack Taylor. However, regardless of the amount of money in your safe, things will be fucked up. Or just fucked, like Jack suspects his wife did. He hires a professional hitman and detective Charlie Wolf to find the underlying cause of this. From there, things just spiral out of control…

Of course, one of the things that drew me to Kill Me Three Times, apart from its creative title, is the cast. Simon Pegg as a bad guy and Bryan Brown as a bad guy, fucking sign me up for this shit! Not to mention Callan Mulvey and Alice Braga in supporting roles. Sheesh, it’s been a while but I still remember Callan as Drazic in Heartbreak High. And I ain’t ashamed of it. Too bad the characters weren’t fully developed to showcase all their skill and talent. Still, the story provides enough twists and turns to keep you interested. Not to mention all the violence and explosions. Finally, if you’re looking for similar movies I recommend you check out Lucky Day, Very Bad Things or Red Rock West.

Director: Kriv Stenders

Writer: James McFarland

Cast: Simon Pegg, Alice Braga, Teresa Palmer, Callan Mulvey, Bryan Brown, Sullivan Stapleton

Fun Facts: Teresa Palmer was pregnant during filming, which is noticeable in the number of above the waist shots and bulky clothing she wears.


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