I was always fascinated with whistle-blowers and their courage to do the things they did. I mean, I know that the government has been fucking us in the ass for centuries, ever since some guy figured out that if he stands tall and yells really loud, he will get a bigger chunk of meat. And this is what they have been doing, only now we are slowly finding out about it. Secret experiments, death lists, murders, torture and all the other fun stuff are the things that we now know happened. And are happening, like right now. Gary Webb was one of those guys with big balls and he had the courage to expose some of the lies or truths… I liked Jeremy Renner since S.W.A.T. [2003], but with this movie he established himself as an all-around great actor who can be anyone. Kill the Messenger has that vibe that people who were involved knew that they had to honor the story and they gave their best.

Kill-The-Messenger-PosterThe year is 1996 and one man made the right choice. His name is Gary Webb and he works for the San Jose Mercury News, a small newspaper overshadowed by the big guys. He accidentally stumbled onto a story about an imprisoned drug dealer awaiting trail and decided to pursue it. Soon he will find himself in a center of a huge shitstorm, whit his name on it. He followed the story and the story involved: drugs, CIA, government, drug dealers and many, many more interesting stars…

Kill the Messenger is a complex movie, although it doesn’t look like that, demonstrating skills of everyone involved. If you want a story about a journalism, you got it; a story about government corruption, lies and retaliation, you got it; a story on a much larger scale about USA and Nicaragua, you got it; I can go on and on with this 🙂 I always wondered how shit like government extortion, threats and manipulation are done and I had the opportunity to see exactly that in this movie. Showing us what will happen to you if you tell on them and what kind of tools they have at their disposal. As one of the final notes about this movie I would like to leave you with the fact that the real Gary Webb was found dead in 2004. He had two gunshot wounds. His death was ruled a suicide.

Director: Michael Cuesta

Writer: Peter Landesman, Gary Webb, Nick Schou

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Robert Patrick, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Paz Vega, Barry Pepper, Oliver Platt

Fun Facts: Various members of the cast and crew have admitted to receiving government-level “push back” to the film, both during filming and in post-production.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1216491/

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