Directed by William Friedkin, Friedkin, Friedkin, well that sounds familiar… Hmm let me try to remember on my own, without wiki or imdb, holy fucking balls, it’s The William Friedkin! Yes, the director of The Exorcist, is still mad after all these years, hail to the king, baby (too many comments, chill out man). Just based on that you should check out this movie, of course, if you are not easily disturbed, since it features very strong imagery and some pretty sick and perverse scenes. On the other hand, if you like those scenes, this is the movie for you. I already mentioned in one of the previous reviews my history with Matthew McConaughey, how I didn’t like him, but as he started to take on more serious roles, my respect for him grew and grew. After Killer Joe, I think that there’s no doubt that he is a phenomenal actor, who just happens to look good. The rest of the cast was also good; it was nice to see Gina Gershon again… If you haven’t seen Killer Joe by now, remember that when you press play you will be watching a piece of history, because this movie will be remembered.

Killer Joe PosterIt all starts with a pretty much familiar plot, a young man, in debt to some very nasty people, decides that his only way out is to kill his mother. You might ask yourself what kind of man decides to kill his mother, but that question begs another: What kind of mother you have to be, to have your son decide to kill you? It just happens that this takes place in rural Texas, but the location could be Manhattan or anywhere else, where are people, there will be these “situations”. Soon after Chris decided to kill his mother for insurance money, he involves his loser father Ansel in the scheme. The beneficiary of the insurance policy is Dottie, Chris’s younger sister. Since they are too dumb and afraid to do such a “gruesome” act themselves they decide to hire a professional hitman that goes by the name of Killer Joe…

Oozing perverse sexuality with an incredibly intense atmosphere, Killer Joe is not the movie for the squeamish or nights that you wanna score something. This is a fucked up movie and should be treated as such, with the respect that it deserves. The characters are cleverly written and we, the viewers, have the feeling that this is some sort of documentary or reality show, but without that yucky feel. The unbridled creativity and the ability to draw out and present to us the darkest desires and the human nature without social constraints that this movie possesses is something that is rarely seen. So, just check it out, and for the end a joke to keep you entertained: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a blowjob.

Director: William Friedkin

Writer:  Tracy Letts

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon, Marc Macaulay

Fun Facts: Killer Joe was the first play Tracy Letts wrote, in 1991.


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