Spanish cinematography, my new passion… After a couple of phenomenal thrillers coming to us from Spain, here comes a great thriller. Directed by Enrique Urbizu (No Habrá Paz Para Los Malvados), La Caja 507 is a relatively simple thriller with an engaging story and very impressive cast led by Antonio Resines. If Enrique Urbizu knows something, it’s who to cast for the lead role,  with captivating Resines taking the movie to a whole new level. I felt everything that happened to him, as it was actually happening to me, and that is a rare thing. I see such passion, such devotion in these actors that there is nothing left to do but respect and admire them.

La Caja 507 PosterOf course, this being a thriller, you can expect a fair dosage of murder, theft, violence and all the other things that accompany this genre, but here they are shown from a different perspective, a perspective of an ordinary man who doesn’t seek trouble and has only one wish, to live peacefully. Meet Modesto Pardo, a middle-aged bank manager, living a simple life with his wife and daughter. He is pretty smart and meticulous, and this has served him well in life and it seems that nothing can change that. As it always happens, one morning the phone rang… It was the police telling him that his only daughter died in a forest fire that appears she accidentally started with joint. Devastating news forced him even more into himself, while his wife started to lose altogether…

Time doesn’t wait for anybody and seven years later we find Modesto at the same place, working for the same bank. The loss of his daughter has taken a heavy toll, and he now aimlessly lives out his days, but still with that dignity and constraint that he never lost. Those will come in pretty handy when one day a band of bank robbers kidnaps his wife and forces him to give them the combinations for the safe deposit boxes. Among them is a safe deposit box 507, and why this box is so important I will leave for you to find out… Enjoy

Director: Enrique Urbizu

Writers: Enrique Urbizu, Michel Gaztambide

Cast: Antonio Resines, Dafne Fernández, Younes Bachir, José Coronado, Miriam Montilla

Fun Facts: The story in the movie is loosely based on true events that happened in Spain. It was a series of articales in the local newspaper exposing corruption and connection to the orginazed crime that city officials had.


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