Limitless 2011 Movie Scene Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra high on drugs just after he jumped off a cliff

Limitless [2011]

Limitless is a movie about drugs and as such, I simply had to check it out. It’s rare to see mainstream movies, and this is one of them, to venture in this direction. So, it was pretty much obvious from the get-go that this isn’t going to be a great movie. However, it could be a solid movie and this was enough for me to check it out. Not to mention the fact it’s based on a novel although if we’re being honest, I had no idea about this.

We open with our homeboy Bradley Cooper standing on a ledge of a building with a lot of people laying seemingly dead behind him. Ahh, the ye olde you’re probably wondering how I got here so please let me explain. Apart from a decent story, Limitless also features excellent cinematography and a pretty solid cast. Cooper was good as the lead, supported by De Niro and Abbie Cornish. I liked the fact they didn’t go nuts with the special effects but used them sparingly and at just the right times.

Limitless had those dream-like and realistic parts, creating a very vibrant dynamic between them. I felt that the ending was a bit rushed and left a lot of things unexplained, but I guess that’s just how it goes in these commercial blockbusters. You simply can’t be questioning too many things as the movie needs to be easily digestible and ultimately, forgettable. It will, however, kill at the box office. And this one did, making $161 million over a $27 million budget.

Eddie Morra is a failed writer, spiraling in and out of drugs and alcohol abuse while trying to write something good. He bumps into his former brother-in-law who offers him some type of a new drug. Eddie decides to take it, not knowing what’s in it or what are the effects. However, he will soon find out as his entire world changes forever.

To say that the characters in Limitless are stereotypical is an understatement. I mean, our main guy is a struggling writer with hedonistic and nihilistic tendencies, what more proof do we need? So, just relax and let this movie take you for a ride. The basic premise isn’t actually half-bad and it’s mildly thought-provoking. For centuries writers, I’m sorry, content creators have been using various substances to stimulate their intellect.

If we’re being honest, a lot of the ideas and things you’re going to read on this site have been written under the influence of some stimulant or another. So, as someone who has experience as a failed writer, I can attest to their abilities. However, I found that I wrote my best posts either when I really didn’t want to write them or when I felt compelled to write them. If that makes any sense. And practice is crucial, just keep doing the thing and it will get easier and you will get better.

I’m sure you didn’t know that, so let’s get back to the movie. Although I haven’t done cocaine I imagine that this is how it feels. In the end, this is a mildly entertaining but exceedingly easy to watch thriller you’re soon going to forget. And if you’re looking for something similar, do check out our selection of Movies about Drugs.

Director: Neil Burger

Writers: Leslie Dixon, Alan Glynn

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth

Fun Facts: Carl Van Loon’s (played by Robert De Niro) limo is a Maybach 62, manufactured by Daimler AG


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