I think you should know that this movie is set entirely in just one location: Ivan Locke’s car. I also think that you should know that this is one of the best set-in-the-car movies I have seen. You won’t fucking feel it. Locke just goes on to show that with a great script you can do almost anything and it will be still good. The conversations are so real and intense that you will feel such sympathy with Ivan. I have to stay neutral about this thing, because I know some parts of the audience will hate Ivan, some will cheer for him, but all of us will walk out with something after the end of the movie. The decision to focus on the reality with a bit of humor was the crucial one. It made this movie. And Tom Hardy fucking rocks. His acting seems natural and effortless; a sign of a huge talent.

Locke-PosterThis is a very important night for Ivan Locke. He works for a construction company and for tomorrow’s one of the most complex parts of building process, the concrete pour. However, he receives a phone call that will change his plans and life. As he enters his car, Ivan knows that nothing will be that same, but that’s not as important as the concrete pour, one of the largest in Europe that he was supposed to oversee. Problems just keep piling up.

Study of character that is Locke is rarely seen in mainstream Hollywood. It shows us that you never needed some car chases or big explosions for that engaging and nerve-wrecking atmosphere. Just a determined man in his car. From a male perspective, I must say that the Locke character has been written perfectly. He’s not only rational but also human, bringing life to a “movie character” that will perhaps make you reevaluate your own life and future decisions. I don’t know if you noticed that I avoided using the term “change himself”, but I did that because if I wrote it, it wouldn’t be true. His life may change, but he will remain the same, a man who knows what he likes and what are his responsibilities and obligations. First know thyself then others goes the old saying that I just made up.

Director: Steven Knight

Writer: Steven Knight

Cast: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Ben Daniels, Tom Holland, Bill Milner

Fun Facts: The film shot during the course of eight nights with three cameras rolling.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2692904/

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