Truly are the mysterious ways that led me to this movie and it to you. Obsessed is a romantic thriller starring my man Idris, Bayonce and Ali Larter. That’s basically it, you can pretty much conclude the rest of the movie from that one sentence. I was expecting something like Wild Things, Cruel Intentions or even Unfaithful. What we got is a nice and clean flick intended to be watched once and forgotten. It’s more a melodrama than anything else without redeeming values. They thought that the very fact they brought together Idris and Beyonce would do the trick, especially since this is not her first movie. Clocking in at 1h 48mins, this is a long ass movie and I think that if they cut out about half an hour of material from it, it would be immensely more entertaining. This way we have to go through some pretty corny scenes, although I think I’m going too hard here.

Obsessed [2009] Movie Review Recommendation PosterDerek Charles has got it all. He’s working for a financial company, making loads of money and he’s also married to his beautiful wife Sharon. However, when the company hires a new temp, Lisa Sheridan, things will start to get complicated. Lisa will soon start thinking that Derek wants to have sex with her, although those are not his intentions. Or are they?

It’s a strange situation, to be married to Beyonce and have women going crazy over you. This aspect is the thing that intrigued me the most, since I can confidently say that the odds of me being in that triangle are pretty slim. And when I say slim, I mean non-existent. So, Obsessed also works as this zany comedy, where we are watching Idris fighting off Ali’s advances when in real world, the situation would be the other way around. Oddly enough, this movie is filled with unintentional things that are quite amusing. From cringe-worthy husband-wife routines in the beginning of the movie to later interactions between Idris and Ali, it all works as this strange mixture of predictability, strange acting and atmosphere that seems to be breaking constantly.  Obsessed won’t blow you away, but it’s definitely worth watching, if for nothing else than for a fight between Beyoncé and ultra hot Ali Larter…

Director: Steve Shill

Cast: Idris Elba, Beyoncé Knowles, Ali Larter, Jerry O’Connell

Fun Facts: LL Cool J was originally set to play Idris Elba’s part.


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