Sneakers [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Sneakers [1992]

Yes, Sneakers looks like a movie your parents might enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find it interesting. Although this is a “technological” movie, utilizing the latest technology available in 1992 and ideas that are by now already realized, it still looks good enough. With an all-star cast led by Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier, Sneakers is a very relaxed and breezy movie. And it transferred that vibe to almost every aspect imaginable.

You just know somehow that everything is going to be okay and that there will be no casualties. This took some of the atmosphere and suspense but made the movie less demanding for watching. This tradeoff is the most important aspect of the movie, if you are looking for some engaging heist thrillers you best skip this one, and then again if you want to relax with a sure thing, Sneakers is the movie for you.

The year is 1969 and two students, Martin and Cosmo, are hacking their college computer system. They want to redistribute the funds more appropriately. As luck would have it, Martin accidentally leaves to get food, and the police arrest Cosmo. He ends up in jail and dying a couple of years later in the same place. Fast-forward 23 years and Martin is living under a pseudonym, leading a crew of bank robbers. They are hired by the banks to spot because of their expertise. However, when two new customers appear with an offer backed with a file revealing the true Martins identity he will have to think carefully about his next move.

Very well written and without plot holes, Sneakers follows a seemingly intriguing narrative. However, it’s not very engaging and can be dull at times especially if you’re expecting a “modern heist movie”. Also, I didn’t like all those forced jokes making me eat my words that this isn’t just a movie for boomers. It’s like they were aware of the aged crew and went for self-deprecating humor that turned out just lame. The twists are pretty good albeit a bit predictable.

In the end, Sneakers is a movie for all those nostalgic of the nineties and its technology. I mean it’s one of the rare movies where people over sixty are hacking into systems and pulling off heists.

Director: Phil Alden Robinson

Writer: Phil Alden Robinson, Lawrence Lasker

Cast: Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, Denise Dowse, Eddie Jones, David Strathairn, Bodhi Elfman

Fun Facts: The computer in the room off of Cosmo’s office in the PlayTronics building is actually a Cray Y-MP. One of the worlds fastest computers back in 1992 and worth millions of dollars.


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