Stolen [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Stolen [2012]

Stolen, starring Nicolas Cage, well I guess that’s it, I do not need to tell you anything else about this movie. Everything about it is forgettable, and if you watch it high you might not even remember it at all. This being said, Stolen is not a bad movie, it is just average, something that should be viewed once and possibly a second time but only on some TV station that will advertise the shit out of it. The characters are bland and one dimensional and the plot is something seen a thousand times, Gone In 60 Seconds and Taken just of the top of my head. There’s something comforting about these movies, they are instantly familiar and cozy, like those murder mysteries movies from the eighties it requires zero effort from the viewer, and after a long and hard day (naughty, naughty) this is what you need.

It’s time for the glorious story of Stolen or Who rattled his Cage, a group of thieves steal a lot of money from a bank, but on their way to the escape vehicle they get seen by an unsuspecting janitor. This causes some distress in the group as one of them decides to kill him. Of course, good guy Nicolas Cage stops him and ends up in prison for eight years, while his daughter grew on the outside. Fast forward eight years, and he is released, but this is by no means the end of his troubles as someone kidnaps his daughter…

Director: Simon West

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Josh Lucas, Danny Huston, Malin Akerman, Mark Valley

Fun Facts: Both Clive Owen and Jason Statham were previously attached for the lead role.


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