The Big Bang 2011 Movie Scene Antonio Banderas as Ned Cruz surprised to see giant Robert Maillet as Anton The Pro Protopov walk into his office

The Big Bang [2011]

Taking the usual noir premise and twisting it into something more intriguing, The Big Bang is a sight for sore eyes. As someone who appreciates both science fiction and science in general, I loved this exploration of particle physics and other scientific elements. However, you don’t have to know anything about science or noir to enjoy this movie. It’s also very easy on the eyes with saturated colors, innovative camera angles and a great cast. So, the story is as old as time, a private detective is looking for a missing girl but he finds more than he bargained for.

It was really refreshing to see Latin lover Antonio Banderas in a role usually reserved for gritty American actors. He added even more liveliness and humor to the atmosphere. The Big Bang is part of those stylish neo-noir movies like Lucky Number Slevin, Shoot Em Up, Smoking Aces and others. You can expect the same visual style, narration and everything that goes along with it. Basically a very visually appealing and entertaining thriller with a runtime of just ninety minutes.

It’s funny to think how just how influential Sin City was on this whole subgenre. I remember watching it for the first time and immediately wanting more of the same. Not that we haven’t had these movies in the nineties, usually with con men but still. Moving on, the script here is pretty clever but sometimes too clever for its own good. It could do with a bit of cleanup. However, that’s not going to spoil your viewing pleasure, especially if you like detective stories.

We find private detective Ned Cruz in a police station being questioned by several tough cops. And they’re using some pretty unusual methods to get him to tell the truth. It all started with a man walking into his office and asking Ned to find his stripper girlfriend. Where the trail would lead Ned and what he will end up uncovering was beyond his wildest dreams.

Besides Mr. Banderas, the cast also features Snoop Dogg, Sam Elliott, William Fichtner and Delroy Lindo. Not to mention beautiful Sienna Guillory. However, I think that Robert Maillet playing Anton The Pro Protopov is going to leave the biggest impression on you. 7 feet or 213 cm tall, the man is a fucking giant! And he’s quite nimble too for a man of that size. He fits in perfectly with this larger than life story full of twists and turns.

And while you could see some of the cliches coming from a mile away, you were entertained the whole time. The Big Bang is just a fun movie that’s going to bring a smile to your face. Now, speaking of cliches, I must mention Until The End of World. This 1991 oddity directed by Wim Wenders features a relatively similar but much darker story. If, however, you’re looking for something more casual do check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Director: Tony Krantz

Writer: Erik Jendresen

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Sam Elliott, Robert Maillet, Snoop Dogg, Bill Duke, James Van Der Beek

Fun Facts: Clifton Collins, Jr. was originally going to play Detective Poley.


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