As I already mentioned, while reviewing another movie about hooligans I.D., this is the best movie in the sub-genre. The perfect storm happened with Rockstar Games producing the movie, Danny Dyer playing the main role and the whole fucking thing being actually based on the novel of the same name by John King. At the beginning of this review, I must stress out that there are two ways to watch this movie. The first one is the casual/scientific approach, you simply watch the movie and don’t balk at what is happening on the screen giving moral judgement (oh gosh, they are trying to make hooligans cool). And the second one is the judgy approach where you would simply dismiss hooligans as bad and that would be it. This tribal attitude is actually the real cause of the hooligans, but what are you going to do, things are the way they are. I personally hate football hooligans and prefer to watch them on screen, however that doesn’t prevent me from watching movies or shows about them, because I want to learn more about them, their motivations and how the whole thing relates to me, as a person. As a male who follows football, I feel drawn to them and some other time we will get into male specifics, what’s the appeal and everything else. However, if I needed to sum up the findings: this is a tribal ritual thing pertaining to the ones perception of self and its role in the society. There, if someone starts trashing you on a moral basis because you watched this movie and liked, you have a fine explanation for them.

The Football Factory [2004] Movie Review Recommendation PosterTommy Johnson is a young, strong and restless guy who likes to spends his days drinking, doing drugs, fighting and chasing women. He’s a member of a Chelsea firm, a group of football hooligans, led by a ruthless man that goes by the name of Harris. Constantly on the strung out, Tommy is slowly starting to lose his grip on the reality. This is where he meets Tamara, a court clerk who really likes him…

So many cool and vibrant scenes of violence, drinking, having sex and all the other fun stuff. If you did not understand why men like to fight this movie will explain it, it’s that feeling of respect and being proud that you are a stronger man. Classic tribal shit, with the proposed “official ideology” failing to define the man’s role in this modern world. Fast-paced and very well written, The Football Factory is a great movie and if you like football and want to know more about those hooligan troublemakers, this is a perfect place to start. Of course, if you want to know more, you should check out two television series that were released after the huge success of this movie. Both of them feature Danny Dyer as the host: The Real Football Factories and The Real Football Factories International.

Cast: Danny Dyer, Frank Harper, Tamer Hassan, Roland Manookian, Neil Maskell

Fun Facts: Tommy Johnson walks into a lounge where his friend Rod is playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) (VG). This game was made by Rockstar Games, who are also credited as being Executive Producers for the movie. Also, Danny Dyer who plays Tommy Johnson in Football Factory was the voice of Kent Paul in Vice City.


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