The Impossible [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

The Impossible [2012]

As my memory slowly fades away, only the great movies seem to be the ones I remember from the past few months, and The Impossible is certainly among them. Based on a true story that you know is going to end good (judging from the title at least…), this movie is very emotional and engaging, despite that. The nature decided to test one of the strongest bonds that can exist, between family members, and as we watch them trying to find their way in all that chaos, they almost empower us with their determination and strength, both emotional and physical. Against the odds, a lost cause and something that is almost impossible to happen… And the setting was almost ironic, a beautiful island, a real paradise that will be soon turned into hell.

Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage) and starring two experienced actors (Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor) with the support of three very talented young actors, this movie literally swept me off my feet with the first scene. I just loved that beginning that was so similar to real life, unpredictable and unforgiving. Although this is a movie about a family, they didn’t hold back when it comes to the severity and brutality of mother nature, all the injuries and effects were even too realistic, almost snuffy, but that just added to the impact that this movie is going to leave (at least you will think twice before going into a Tsunami area)

The impossibleAn ordinary family, well, since they are able to spend Christmas in Thailand, they are not so ordinary, enjoys their vacation,  spending days sunbathing and swimming along with thousands of other tourists. Maria and Henry are enjoying themselves and their three kids, as a menacing sound of the furious wind starts to get closer and stronger. Before they even knew what was happening they saw a giant wave approaching the beach…

I think that I should leave you with that sentence and let you enjoy the movie without prejudice. Just so you know approximately  230,000 people were killed in the 2004 tsunami that hit Indonesia, so there are a lot of movies that could have been made and are called The Possible…

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona

Writers: Sergio G. Sánchez, María Belón

Cast: Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin, Oaklee Pendergast

Fun Facts: The crew filmed partially on location at the actual resort, since rebuilt, where the Belon family was vacationing when the tsunami hit. For the tsunami destruction scenes, a scaled model of the resort was used.


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